Michael Edenzon

Co-Founder & CEO


A Leader in Regulated DevOps

With over 15 years of experience in software security, governance, and risk, Andrés Vega stands out as both an accomplished technologist and an industry veteran. He is widely recognized for his adeptness in bringing cutting-edge technologies to market and consistently achieving exceptional results through the products he has delivered. Reflecting on his extensive experience, Andrés co-authored 'Investments Unlimited' in 2022, a fictional novel that narrates a bank’s transformative journey in organizational IT through Automated Governance.

Prior to Fianu, Andrés held pivotal roles at renowned companies like VMware and Cisco, as well as at dynamic startups such as Scytale (now part of HPE). He is also a distinguished speaker, having presented on a global stage on topics ranging from Software Supply Chain and Cloud Security to Automated Governance over the past decade.

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