Ship compliant
software, faster.

Fianu is an automated governance platform that automates evidence collection and policy enforcement in your software factory.

Evidence, attestations, and policy gates.

Fully auditable.

Regulatory compliance should not slow down release cycles. We know the toil that comes with shipping software in a highly-regulated environment.  Manual change control processes are slow, subjective, and prone to human error. Each software release requires hundreds of hours of evidence gathering, leading to longer release cycles that stifle innovation and cost tens of millions of dollars in lost productivity every year.

Faster Release Cycles

Remove the compliance bottleneck and free your engineers to deliver faster.

Confidence in Your Compliance

Release with confidence in your compliance. Know that you have the evidence to prove it.

Quick and Painless Audit

Eliminate the toil and stress of software release audits with the click of a button.

Build on your DevOps environment.

Fianu integrates with your existing pipeline. With over 40 toolchain plugins, you can start generating attestations instantly throughout your software lifecycle.

Capture evidence and generate attestations

Every time your pipeline runs, Fianu generates attestations and stores them in an immutable ledger. No more combing through logs to build reports. All of your data is indexed and stored in a central location.

Define policies and enforce gates

Each attestation is compared against policies defined by you. Set gates throughout your pipeline to ensure that the most important compliance checks are met.

Off the shelf or custom built

Fianu maintains an extensive library of controls, policies, and plugins. Need something special? That's easy. Creating a custom controls or policy takes minutes.

"Fianu eliminated our manual processes and reduced our release lead times by 85%"

John Rzeszotarski

VP of Platform Engineering, Dexcom

Case Study

12 Months

Dexcom, Inc.
January 2023

Results from a 12-month case study with Dexcom, a world leader in Diabetes Glucose Monitors. Fianu automated the evidence collection, policy enforcement, and compliance reporting to the FDA, which reduced software release cycle times 85% and eliminated over 4 weeks of lead time from the release process.
A market leader in blood glucose monitors, with cloud-connected devices trusted by millions of diabetics worldwide, turns to Fianu to ensure the security, quality, and compliance of their software.

Dexcom’s software portfolio spans cloud, mobile, and embedded environments. Facing rapid growth and mounting federal regulation they needed a way to ensure security and quality compliance without sacrificing the velocity that made them a market leader. In January 2023, Dexcom chose Fianu’s Automated Governance platform to automate evidence documentation for the FDA and enforce policy gates in the DevSecOps pipeline. Fianu attestations identified key risks undetected by manual processes and helped Dexcom quickly shore up security and quality risks before deployment. Fianu policy gates ensured that non-compliant software releases were blocked. As a result, Dexcom now ships software with unprecedented speed and safety.


Reduction in Software
Release Cycle Time


Manual Compliance Work
Eliminated Per Release
"Fianu eliminates weeks of toil from our release process. In less than one year we reduced our release cycle times by 85%."

John Rzeszotarski

VP Platform Engineering

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