Software governance made easy.

Fianu automates software governance and bridges the gap between Engineering, Quality, Security, and Audit.

Used by the leading SaaS companies of tomorrow.

End to end traceability from commit to release.

Fianu monitors activity throughout your DevOps toolchain and generates an immutable, context-aware ledger of attestations that tells the story of your software leading up to production.

Security Controls

Capture key security data points using pre-built integrations with your favorite security tools.

Quality Controls

Ensure software meets necessary functional, performance, and accessibility standards.

Best Practices

Monitor and enforce best practices such as code review, branching strategy, and versioning scheme.

Custom Controls

Create or configure custom controls to meet the unique needs of your company.

Secure Software Supply Chain

Out-of-the box tooling to help you secure your software supply chain from development, to build, to deployment.

Immutable Audit Trail

Evidence captured in real time throughout the SDLC is indexed in an immutable, auditable, ledger where it can be accessed with the click of a button.

Fine-Grain Control

Configurable control requirements and thresholds provide executives, managers, and stakeholders the knobs and dials necessary to fine-tune compliance to your company's needs.

Event-driven, with real-time continuous feedback.

Built with the best open source components.

Capture Event

Events are captured throughout the SDLC, enriched with context, and indexed for evaluation.

Evaluate and Sign

Event details are compared against fine-grained policy requirements to determine compliance.

Release Enforcement

Enforce policy at the time of application release, ensuring that only the right software reaches production.

Built by developers, in collaboration with the industry's brightest.

Fianu was built by developers, for developers. Its design is based off the experience of DevOps leaders and IT executives, and it embodies simplicity at its core.

"Using molecule for our web was the best decision we made last year — and we made a ton of great decisions, trust me!"

Mark Watney

Marketing Director, Chill Industries

"Using molecule for our web was the best decision we made last year — and we made a ton of great decisions, trust me!"

Phil Dunphy

UI Designer, Studio Cai

"Using molecule for our web was the best decision we made last year — and we made a ton of great decisions, trust me!"

Jess Day

Marketing Director, Glassware

Designed with empathy, to make the right thing the easy thing.

Compliance work doesn't have to be tedious and confusing. Fianu provides a simple, shared language between developers, Risk, Security, and Audit. The result is a single pane of glass that fits naturally into the workflow of each stakeholder.

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Fianu Labs Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding from DataTribe to Automate Governance of Software Development

Fianu Labs raises $2M from DataTribe to build an automated governance platform for DevSecOps. Fianu's platform captures evidence across the DevSecOps toolchain mapped to internal policy during real-time, continuous audits against established risk controls and compliance frameworks. Each software release is accompanied by a Software Bill of Attestations (SBOA) designed to transmit immutable, audit-worthy evidence. By using Fianu, companies can replace opaque manual processes with streamlined, intuitive automation that makes software governance and compliance easy.
August 30, 2023
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