Your pipeline evidence,
all in one place.

Turn your toolchain into an evidence factory with continuous compliance and policy enforcement.

Connect your DevOps toolchain with pre-built integrations.

There's no need to change your stack. With 40+ pre-built integrations, Fianu makes it easy to connect with your existing DevOps environment to capture builds, scans, tests, and deployments. All of your data, in one location.

Have multiple instances of a platform? Don't worry. Fianu's instance manager tracks events and resolves conflicts across multiple cloud and self-hosted platform instances.

Capture evidence, generate attestations.

Stop combing through pipeline logs. Fianu captures evidence throughout the DevOps pipeline. Evidence is enriched and evaluated against pre-defined policy to generate a pass or fail attestation. Each attestation is signed with Sigstore and recorded in an immutable ledger.

Choose from a library of controls, or build your own.

Fianu maintains a library of controls with standardized evidence across comparable toolchain platforms. But all organizations are unique, and creating a custom is as simple as a few clicks.

Immutable Evidence, Painless Audit

Your DevOps pipelines run hundreds, maybe thousands of times per day. Fianu maintains an immutable ledger of every build, scan, test, and deployment, and can be produced for an auditor with a single click.

Automated Governance

Faster Release Cycles

Shorten the time between production releases by removing the bottleneck of manual governance. Empower your developers to ship faster with the confidence of knowing that you're in compliance.

Safe harbor

In the event of a breach, you'll need to turn over evidence dating back months, if not years. With Fianu, you're covered. The days of combing through pipeline logs are over. A single query to Fianu's attestation database will produce the necessary evidence and context to resolve any dispute.

Extensibility With Ease

GRC is not one-size-fits-all. Tha's why Fianu supports custom policies, and controls, and plugins with ease. Want to go a bit further? Leverage our APIs, browser-based IDE or Golang SDKs to develop an even richer level of customization.

Built for developers, loved by GRC.

A platform that bridges the gap between Engineering, Security, Quality, and GRC. One source of truth and a single pane of glass.

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