Fianu CEO Joins Dynatrace to Talk Automated Governance

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Our CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Edenzon, joinsTech Transforms to talk about Automated Governance and how it's critical to mission success. Michael also provides some great insight into his recently co-authored book Investments Unlimited.

"Evidence isn't just this random metadata that's captured from here and there, it's about going through all of the enrichment and providing the context that's necessary for an auditor to come and reproduce those results that you're using to base your enforcement off of."


  • 02:08 About Fianu Labs
  • 04:54 What passes as evidence and how does it play into automated governance?
  • 09:29 Michael's book: Investments Unlimited
  • 16:50 Automated governance vs. Authority to Operate
  • 28:33 Taking software asset inventory
  • 35:40 Tech Talk Q&A

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