Fianu CEO Joins Microsoft Reactor to Discuss Automated Governance

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Fianu CEO, Michael Edenzon, joined Caleb Queern, Managing Director of Cybersecurity at KPMG on the latest edition of Microsoft Reactor to discuss automated governance and how to make the right thing the easy thing. In 2022, Michael and Caleb co-authored the business novel Investments Unlimited, a fictional story about a bank’s journey toward automated governance.

Developers deserve the chance to do the right thing. Leadership doesn’t always make it so easy. But in the face of mounting regulations and an ever-changing landscape of application security risks, the opportunity to turn obstacles into opportunities has never been more evident.

What began in 2019 as an industry-led whitepaper has become a movement encompassing AppSec, DevOps, and software supply chain security. At the heart of this movement are platforms like GitHub Advanced Security and Fianu.

Caleb and Michael will tell the story of automated governance, the successes and pitfalls of large enterprises that aim to implement it, and how the principles of flow, fast feedback, and continuous improvement can be preserved so that you and your organization can thrive amidst an ever-growing landscape of rules and regulations.

Watch the broadcast here!

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